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We do not have  a standard procedure for all our clients.  Since each individual have different credit status and difficulty level of each account varies.  So you should start by booking a consultation schedule with us so we can assess your needs accurately.  You may follow this link to do so: Schedule A Consultation

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Since your subscription plan is based on the necessity of your credit status that will be agreed upon from the start, you cannot change your plan once we have started the process.  You can however terminate or cancel your subscription anytime.

Our plan features are illustrated in our pricing page.  You may check it out here: Pricing Plans

Unless there are special services that you might need, we can discuss that during the initial consultation.

Absolutely! We draft customized contracts for each of our clients depending on the needs.  We will sign this prior to the start of our repair process.  The contract preparation usually takes 1 to 2 days.

Well there could be several possible reasons.  Here are some:

(A) You could have a recent latepayment account

(B) You could have a new negative account comes in your credit

(C) An account that was deleted was placed back on your credit like a new collection account

(D) If a negative accounts have been deleted but your credit does not have any positive accounts.

(E) 30% Utilization Rule of their own credit cards.

There could be other stuff too.  We can discuss that further during the consultation.

A positive account is an account that you have “NEVER, EVER” been late paying on.

The lowest credit score is a 300. And the highest score is 800. 300-620 is bad credit.

The 700 club is when we get the client scores in the 700’s. It can range from 700-799.  That’s what we aim for.

Still have a question?

Credit Fix Assistant, our specialty is getting results. Please feel free to schedule a consultation or email us at We are here to help you.

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